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    National Hotline


    Everybody's searching: Plastic wrap Disposable gloves


    National Hotline


    Hot Product

    Technology enterprises, independent research and development, strength is guaranteed

    Technology companies, independent research and development

    1、Focus on product quality for many years,Independent research and development,Product diversification.

    2、Many years production experience, products strict inspection,

    3、Many enterprise partners, long-term supply,High customer satisfaction rate

    Excellent technology, self - production self - marketing, production process strict management

    Strong technology, strict management of the production process

    1、Product qualityStrictly control,Supply and demand of high quality products to customers

    2、Productive processStrict management,Ensure product acceptance rate and quality issues

    3、Fine technical requirements, responsible for product quality

    High quality production workshops produce high quality products

    High-quality production workshop to produce quality products

    1、The company has advanced production equipment, standardized workshop,Annual output more than 3000 tons of plastic products.

    2、The workshop is well equipped to better ensure product quality

    3、Quality production system,Reduce the loss of products, make good products

    High quality sales team to meet customer needs

    High-quality sales team to meet customer needs

    1、Be market-oriented Customer centeredBusiness philosophy

    2、In line with the customer first service principle, to meet customer needs products

    3、Strengthen customer relationship and achieve long-term strategic cooperation

    Production team top, service new and old customers

    The top production team, new and old customer service

    1、Professional after-sales team to ensure product service problems

    2、Product diversification, detailed introduction,Quality assurance problem

    3、Butler service system,Let you have nothing to worry about

    Project Cooperation Process

    Project Cooperation Process

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    垃圾袋廠家 垃圾袋廠家


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    About Honghe

    山東鴻禾塑料有限公司是一家主要以生產:保鮮膜,保鮮袋,垃圾袋,一次性手套為 主的公司。公司擁有先進的生產設備,標準化的車間,年產1800余噸塑料制品。
    公司 位于賦有“江北塑料第一鎮”美譽的山東省莒縣劉官莊鎮,近青島港,交通及運輸十 分便利。
    Shandong honghe plastic co., LTD is a company which mainly  produces: plastic film, plastic bags, garbage bags, disposable gloves. The  company has advanced production equipment, standardized workshop, annual  output of more than 1800 tons of plastic products.
    The company is located in  the "jiangbei plastic first town" reputation of shandong province, liu  guanzhuang town, near Qingdao port, traffic and transportation is very  convenient.

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